What if you had a supportive community for your parenting?

A place to turn every time your child's behavior leaves you lost, lonely or confused?

Immediate step-by-step solutions to your child's problem behaviors.

Now, you do

Are you exhausted by:

  • Defiance, disrespect, power struggles

  • Aggression, hitting, kicking, biting

  • Sibling arguments, name calling, competition, refusal to share

  • Sleep fears, night terrors, bed-wetting, bedtime tantrums

  • Separation anxiety, neediness

  • Endless tantrums, whining, and meltdowns

A. Jarnot,

Los Angeles


"I will forever be changed. My life with my kids is amazing. Everyone in the Hand in Hand Parenting Club is so helpful, nonjudgmental, genuinely concerned for your family's happiness.

I have learned how to listen, and how to my children about their feelings during their troubled times. My children KNOW they are loved!"

Make Parenting Personal

Parenting is hard when you feel like you are going it alone. The Parent Club means you never have to feel that way.

The Parent Club Gives You:

Answers to your questions, with responses specific to your family's needs

A way to understand the root causes of your child’s off-track behaviors, so that you can respond better

A warm, community of instructors and parents cheering you on

Check out all the great ways you'll get support:


Weekly coaching calls with Hand in Hand Certified Instructors


A monthly call-in with Patty Wipfler, founder of Hand in Hand Parenting.


Instant access to our Setting Limits and Building Cooperation online class


On-call access to Hand in Hand Certified Instructors, who will answer your questions when times get hard


Access to special gatherings and live events


Weekly email to keep you motivated and up-to-date


25% off Hand in Hand Parenting

Classes and Products


A dedicated group forum where instructors set goals and challenges and cheer you on.

Get instant access to our Setting Limits and Building Cooperation online class, free with your membership and learn:

  • How children signal for help

  • Common causes and triggers for off-track behavior

  • 3 steps to effectively setting limits

  • Why conventional discipline methods don’t work for long

  • Vdeo instruction from Hand in Hand Founder, Patty Wipfler, divided into 10-15 minute segments for easy retention

  • In addition, you'll get a 25% discount on self-guided and instructor-led classes, including:

  • Helping Your Child with Aggressive Behaviors

  • Taming Sibling Rivalry

  • Helping Your Child Sleep

  • The Hand in Hand Parenting Starter Class

4 live group Q&As every month

with certified instructors:

  • Ask specific questions about problems that have you stumped
  • Get reassurance, support, and suggestions for how to handle things next time
  • Get advice tailored to your exact situation
  • AND every month enjoys a live Q&A with Hand in Hand Parenting Founder and author of Listen, Patty Wipfler

Become part of a warm, supportive community.

Certified instructors and like-minded parents will:

  • Look for your questions and answer them in between live calls
  • Give you warm, nonjudgmental reassurance so you don't feel so alone
  • Offer suggestions for things that have worked in the past, so you'll always have a steady stream of new playful ideas you can try with your child

Emmy R.


"The biggest, most profound gain is that I have learned to focus less on the behavior and more on the emotions behind the behavior. The tools in this membership have taught me how to help my children navigate whatever feelings need to be addressed in a healthy way."

The Hand in Hand Parent Club re-opens its doors in June, 2019.

We'll be opening the doors to the Parent Club this summer for a few days only. To be a part of this warm and caring community, click the button and we'll be in touch with you about dates soon.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


If you find the Parent Club isn't for you, just let us know and we will refund your payment within your first 30 days. If you decide to stay, you can pay month to month and cancel any time.